Bunker 32

Malmö University (Jan - April 2014)

We got in contact with our client who wanted us to make an demo game with inspiration from the game series BioShock.
Within the team we decided to use the game engine Unreal Engine to develop our prototype.

My work included:

  • Scripting characters & triggers in C++: The Character needed inputs to move run/walk/jump in the game. The player could also interact with different triggers such as doors, lamps and control panels. I wrote scripts in C++ to handle the Input from the mouse, keyboard and Xbox controller.
  • Models Since only one person in our development team could make 3D assets, I was assigned to help making level assets. The result was a set of walls with lightning, shelves with props such as food, floor tiles and more. (The slideshow above shows the set with textures)
  • Textures: Created realistic textures using Adobe Photoshop and mapped the textures to the models.
  • Level design: Using the assets, I created together with the team the first levels

Below is a small clip from the prototype where the player interacts with one of the eastereggs (a gramophone), triggering a sound of a man talking about the character the player is playing.

Bunker 32 prototype (with sound)