Johnbauer (September 2010 – May 2011)

As our endproject for highschool I decided together with a classmate to make a 2D platformer game. With inspiration from Minecraft and the flash game Motherload, we created Caverns, a game about a small critter mining for ores and collecting items. The player has a simple goal, to mine and sell ores to get money that can be used to buy better items such as pickaxes and speedboosts.

My work included:

  • Controls: The player needed a way to move around the world. Using Actionscript 3, I created a character controller that allowed the player to move left, right, jump, mine ores and interact with the environment.
  • Physics We needed simple physics so that the player could jump on the blocks and dig down in the ground. Simple physics mechanics was implemented allowing the player to expecience gravity and collision with all blocks.

Download and play the game here!

You’ll need Flash Player to play the game.